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tv   ABC World News Saturday  ABC  February 5, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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i'm david muir. tonight on "world news" from cairo, exit strategy. major develops tonight here in egypt. president mubarak's son and other members of the leader party resign. >> we're in the square with the protesters asking who is the white house really behind, mubarak who wants to stay until elections or the protesters who want him gong now? >> near miss. what we're learning about a passenger jet and two military planes. the mind games, how super bowl advertisers get in your head. and back here in egypt tonight, the mississippi woman who traveled all the way just to see the pyramids. what she found when she got there.
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>> good evening from cairo tonight. there are several major developments to report. we learned today that president mubarak's son has resigned with several leaders of the party. a significant development. we also learned of phone calls late this evening. vice president joe biden calling the vice president of this country, talking about a conrete time table, and we saw the line of protesters waiting to get into the square. the crucial quent tonight, how long will they keep going. they told me until mubarak steps down. it was once considered inevitable. president mubarak's son was his heir apparent, but today in a move sealing his ambitions for now, he resigned from his post with the ruling party here. an official with the obama administration called it a positive step, but there were also signed they they plan to keep mubarak in office as long as possible. the president has said holoe'll
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stay until elections in september, and they think mubarak should stay, too, at least for now. he was speaking for himself when he said mubarak remains utterly critical in the day s ahead. the thousands of protesters still going rejected that today. why not wait until september? >> we don't trust mubarak anymore. >> military check points creating a stronger buffer around the square are now creating enormous lines to get in. check out the line right outside liberation square. the longest line we have seen yet, stretching really as far as the eye can see to the nile that you have to cross to get into the square, and keep in mind, this is now day 12. we asked the protesters if mubarak does step down, then what? what about fears of international chaos here? >> are you at all worried about the power vacuum, who will lead next after mubarak?
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>> no, i'm not worried. >> you're not? >> no, because anybody would be better than him. >> an army commander addressed the crowd today, urging them to go home. to please save what is left of egypt. the crowd simp lly chanted mubak must go. they say pressure on mubarak is mounting. >> will mubarak last through the fall as he suggests? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. he has decided he has lived in egypt and he will die in egypt, but i don't think he will finish his job as president. >> all week long, i have been reporting with cheristiane amanpour, the only one to get mubarak's time this week. i was surprised to hear not only the son, but other members of his party stepping down today. >> he never intended his son to run. now he's accepting the resignation for getting rid of
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the whole executive party of his ruling party which puts in process this transition period that really everyone is calling for. it's one step. >> we're taking part in this spegz edition of your roundtable tomorrow morning, and one of the kwepgzs that came up is a question we have come up on in the streets of cairo, being american reporters. >> which is what is the dw commitment to world democracy when they keep talking about what will happen when mubarak goes. >> i think america wants the stuility here more than it wants democracy. >> do you think like john said that america still in 2011, after tunisia and after egypt, wants stability more than democracy? >> i think we're seeing american policy illustrate that right now in egypt. >> this is a big question. everyone in tahrir square asks us all the time, why isn't the united states with us?
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because they think they want them to do it right now. >> i'll see you tomorrow morning on "this week." it's a special edition of the roundtable tomorrow morning on "this week" with christiane amanpour. i want to go to the white house and david kerley with late developments on the phone call between vice president joe biden and the vice president in egypt. this is the first time we heard the word concrete timeline mentioned in a phone call. >> the administration is pushing harder. we have heard new language today in the read-out of the vice president's call to the new vice president in egypt. he stressed the need for concrete reform agenda, a clear timeline, and immediate steps show the egyptian government is serious about reforming. that's new language we haven't heard so far from the white house. >> i have to tell you, when i'm in the square, when protesters recognize the fact i'm an american, they often ask what does the white house want here? any hint of what type of
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timeline the white house would want? >> we're getting the sense they support the transition effort that the vice president of egypt is worthing on. secretary of state clinton in munich today signaled that some of this is going to take time, she said. there are some things that's need to be done to prepare for this transition. that's because mubarak has gutted the political system, the political parties. there's an emergency rule and the constitution, some of the laws will have to be changed before the transition can move forward. the question about the timeline is is it going to be what the protesters want, which is mubarak leaves now, or mubarak plans to leave in september? the white house, the administration is probably somewhere in the middle. they have not said they'll set the timeline. they just want to know what it is and they would like it to be sooner than later. >> still big questions about the timeline in all this. the other big question tonight, who might come next? and what would that mean for egypt and of course for the u.s. and the war on terror? alex is also here in cairo tonight.
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>> reporter: president mubarak has tried concessions. nothing has worked. these people want change now. so who do they want? so far, there's no front runner. it could be mohammed elbaradei, the nobel peace prize winner who rejected the bush administrat n administration's insistence that iraq had weapons of mass destruction. or amr moussa who fell out with mubarak a decade ago. one thing is clear, outlawed islamests, egypt's strongest opposition party, play a big role in the future elikz. >> yes, they're religiously conservative. that's not necessarily a bad thing for egypt or america's relationship with egypt. >> for years, mubarak has exploited fears of islamic extremism. looking to calm the fears, the
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muslim brotherhood told christiane amanpour over phone they won't have a presidential candidate in the next election. >> we're aiming and targeting to have a civil state, democratic state. >> for all the emotion the protesters have shown over the past week and a half, they aren't as passionate about a single candidate or single party to succeed mubarak as they are simply about everyone having the right to choose their own leaders. >> we have plenty of public servants that could rule egypt. >> good ones? >> yes, plenty. >> but who will if be? >> nobody knows. nobody knows. you can't say what will happen tomorrow in egypt. it's very vague. >> what is not vague, however, is that no matter who the next president is, the military will continue to play a major role. especially in foreign policy. the military here dictates foreign policy, largely because the almost $2 billion the u.s. gives them every year. >> military oversized here in
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egypt. thanks very much. i know we went to an image this morning in cairo that got everyone's attention. take a look at this coming out of egypt. a raging fire when a pipeline exploded. at first it was thought to be an attack. tonight, it's considering accidental. but it is shining a spotlight on the intricate relationship between so many countries in this region. miguel is in the region talking about watching and worrying about what is going on. >> people throughout the country are torn about what is happening in egypt. >> i think it's scary. i hope it turns out the best for both of the egyption citizens and israel and we could have a working dement aocracy, but it doesn't seem to be going that way. >> egypt was the first deal to make a compromise.
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>> otherwise, someone is going to step into the breach that is just as bad if not worse. >> the israeli government has been mostly quiet. the only comment by the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. >> the number one concern for the government here, iran. fear and chaos will be ripe for a run from groups like egypt's muslim brotherhood. or hike hezbollah in lebanon. >> the leaders in iran don't care about democracy in egypt, netanyahu said, they want to move egypt back to the middle ages. >> netanyahu's opposition sees the events in egypt as an opportunity to open up a dialogue with the palestinians, but with so many unanswered questions still, no one here sees a chance of a breakthrough anytime soon. >> our thanks to miguel tonight. two other notes.
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the first from iran tonight where a defense lawyer said he's ready for the trial of the three american hikers accused of spying. two of the hikers have been in an iranian prissance since their arrest. the third was released on bail in september. there's no word if she'll return for the trial. >> and a stunning announcement by nuri al maliki saying he won't run for a third term in 2014. there's speculation he wants to shield iraq from uprising like those in tunisia and here. i'll be back from cairo later in the broadcast with the story of a mississippi woman who made the journey here, determined to see the pyramids. we'll tell you what she found when she got here. >> first, there is other news in the day. >> thanks so much. here in new york, the company that runs the nasdaq stock exchange has come under a cyberattack. unknown invader s snuck in repeatedly but didn't tamper
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with the system. they're increasingly targeting financial institutions. >> federal officials are investigating a near mid-air collision. a plane came too close to transfer planes. they were within one mile of another, a distance they could have closed in seconds. they warned of the passenger jet and they took evasive action. and rather sharp comments from sarah palin at a dinner celebrating the 100th anniversary of ronald reagan's birth tomorrow, she warns the u.s. has veered too far from low taxes and government. the policies of president obama and other democrats will lead to, quote, decline and defeat. >> this is not the road to national greatness. it is the road to ruin. the federal government is spending too much, borrowing too much, growing and controlling too much. >> reagan's outspoken youngest son ron told the associated
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press that palin is, quote, a soap opera who has nothing in common with his father. and when we come back, it's not just sarah palin invoking the legacy of the gipper. people fighting to be just like reagan. the sienls of selling behind the blockbuster super bowl ads. how your brain waves can show what you really like. >> and one american's daring journey to the pyramids. tonight, the extraordinary offer fr fromi egypt's government to help her realize a lifelong dream. rate boxes working out? those fabulous! they gave me this great idea. yea? we mail documents all over the country, so, what if there were priority mail flat rate... envelopes? yes! you could ship to any state... for a low flat rate? yes! a really low flat rate. like $4.95? yes! and it could look like a flat rate box... only flatter? like this? genius. priority mail flat rate envelopes.
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president ronald reagan's 100th birthday tomorrow, the super bowl will include a special tribute to him before kickoff. he was the guiding spirit of the 1980s, but his influence may be greater today. >> there is reagan airport, the reagan building, the reagan library. then there is the church of reagan where candidates worship. >> one of my heroes and one of yours, ronald reagan. >> the brilliance of ronald reagan. >> take inspiration from ronald reagan. >> reporter: some democrats have been know to do it too. >> i think ronald reagan changed the trajectory of america. >> everyone tries to grab the reagan mental because its one of strong leadership. >> go ahead, make my day. >> of big ideas. >> we must halt the destruction
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and restore sanity. >> bold strokes. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> reporter: in fact, you might say there is a republican primary, and a reagan primary. who can be the most reagany? >> mitt romney's foreign policy campaign book "no apology" has 11 reagan references. tim pawlenty's "courage to stand" 24 reagans. sarah palin's "america by heart," 33 reagans. only to be narrowly beaten by herself, palin's "going rogue" has 34 reagan references. this isn't even counting a book from newt ginrich exclusively about ronald reagan. so who is the person on the planet who might be closest to ronald wilson reagan? >> i'm not sure anyone can succeed in being ron ltd reagan. coming up, how adfer visors are getting in your head and know what you like even if you don't. ♪
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tell neal karlinsky they now know more about what you like than they do. >> reporter: we are a nation of consumers bombarded by an army of ads, not commercials, logos, and jingles, all desperately trying to convince us to buy, buy, buy. something, "mad men's" fictional ad man don draper makes look easy. >> what you call love was invented by guys like me. >> in the '50s, advertisers thought they could get inside people's heads with subliminal ads which briefly flashed words like "drink coke," during a movie. today, they're tying to get inside your head by actually getting inside your head. >> you can see she's processing the faces. >> reporter: inside a lab, test subjects are having their eye movement and brainwaves measured as they watch commercials. >> it gives us access to a huge part of the iceberg that lies
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underneath the surface of conscious thought. >> reporter: this doctor is a pioneer in neuromarketing, measuring three key areas, attention, emotion, and memory. whether you know it or not, he says, brain waves show you prefer items with rounded edges to sharp corners. mannequins and photos with missing heads are a turnoff, and women like seeing images that show them in pairs, never alone. >> wow. i feel like i'm from the future. i agreed to have my own brainwaves measured while watching an old super bowl ad for mountain dew. even though i would have told you it was cool and entertainlientertainin entertaining, my brain waved would have told you something else. the ad didn't entertain me or stick with me with one exception. >> a brieker or a mountain biker? >> i am. that showed up? >> you focused on the man on the
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and finally tonight here in cairo, i haven't been able to forget a mississippi woman i forgot when i landed in the airport in egypt. she like so many americans was trying to get out, but she wasn't unhappy that her vacation
6:27 pm
had been turned upside down. she was determined to get to the pyram pyramids, and she did, sort of. >> our team spotted carol who flew more than 6,000 miles all the way from mississippi to cairo airport. she like thousands of other americans was scrambling to get out, having come to visit her niece, studying here. >> i have been here through the whole thing, and it's amazing. >> carol told david her lifelong dream was to see the pyramids, so determined she dodged the battles on the street, paying a cab driver to take her. now trevl days in, egypt insists it's keeping its ancient treasures safe. tanks are replacing the tourists, and the museum looted in the early days is now closed. at least $1 billion has been lost in tourism in the last nine days. as for carol, she e-mailed us telling us she made it home to mississippi. as for her dream of seeing the
6:28 pm
pyramids without the barricades, we found the head of egyptian antiquities and told them about her lost journey. >> i'm willing to invite her to come back to cairo on my tip. >> her name is carol. >> carol can write to me and i will send her personally to enter inside the great peyramid and see and touch them. >> what a deal, are you sure? >> i'm sure. >> it's a deal. >> what a deal. >> i know, i couldn't believe it. that's why i asked him to repeat it twice. >> smart woman, and you called carol in. >> i did. she's excited. she's going to come and see all of the ancient sights. >> a long way, but it will be worth it. thanks so much. that's the broadcast here on "world news." a reminder, we hope you'll join us for a special roundtable tomorrow morning on "this week" with christiane amanpour. good night.
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